Monday, November 3, 2014


I started this blog in determination of getting a handle on my life, weight and fitness.  And well, life got in the way of just that.  I made excuses, not only for blogging, but for everything.  The pounds started adding up and the inches just kept accumulating.

(Not that I am saying I am obese or anything, just heavier of "fluffier" than I want to be.) 
It's unfortunate how we let so many things deter us from what we want most.  When really it just boils down to us not being ready to give it all of us. 

So.... Now is my time. 

I had to go and preform my yearly biometric screening for my insurance company this morning.  And I have been nervous about it since I made the appointment.  I know as far as any severe health setbacks, that I have none.  But I am carrying about 35lbs too many on me right now.  (And no, this isn't me just being a "too hard on myself" typical girl.) 

But enough of that...  Lets start where we last left off.  I did NOT finish INSANITY... 

( I know, SHOCKER!!!!)
But I was able to run two more 1/2 marathons and a FULL marathon.... :) That FULL marathon was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I may not have finished in the time that I wanted, but I finished!!!! 

But here is the sad part.  I have found myself no longer loving to run.  I pushed myself too hard and turned my once therapeutic release into a chore.  So, I am taking control. Seizing the moment if you will.  I am not allowing myself to sign up for any longer races in 2015.  I am only doing fun runs, and because I want to.  I will be rediscovering my love to run again.  Running because I want to, NOT because I have to. 

I will also be incorporating weight training, and triathlon training back into my regimen.  But not too much at once.  (A bit of cross training here and there.) I have been lifting weights for the past two weeks solid, and I have a training partner that is helping to keep me accountable.  All things that are going to help keep me motivated.

We are sticking to a pretty set schedule of what gets trained on which day and our rest days.  Although I am keeping one of my rest days as an active rest day. An hour of Yoga every Tuesday is just what the Dr. ordered.  And although I haven't seen any change in my body yet, I have seen all of my weights on my lifts increasing.  Which can only mean I am getting stronger every day. 

As far as my fitness goals, I feel they are very attainable.  I don't want to be some twig girl with no hips, butt or boobs.  I want to be fit!!!  I am 5'10".  I want to weigh between 150-155lbs.  I want to have muscle and a bubble butt.  (You know, one of those booty's you only get from squatting. A Kimmy K booty)

I will be posting (aka checking in)at least weekly with my thoughts, feelings, gains, setbacks, excitement and insecurities...  Join me on my journey!!!!  :)

Starting weight = 185lbs
Monday = Shoulders & Back
Tuesdays = Active Rest (Yoga)
Wednesdays = Legs & Glutes
Thursdays = Chest
Fridays = Rest
Saturdays = Biceps & Triceps
Sundays = Legs & Glutes

All non rest days have at least 35 minutes of cardio.  Whether that be running, the arc trainer, swimming, stair machine or the bike... 35 minutes HAS TO HAPPEN!!!!!

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