Monday, November 10, 2014

Do You Want To Run A Relay Race???

Another Ragnar under my belt... That makes 7 total Ragnars in the past 5 years...  3 of them alone this year!!! 
I FINALLY received my "Saints & Sinners" medal!!!!
But let me back up a bit here...  For those that are not familiar with what "Ragnar" is, it's a 200ish mile race that you and 11 friends do together.  (Or you and 5 friends if you are one of the ULTRA CRAZYS!!!) 
200ish miles
12 friends
2 vans
36 legs
29-36 hours of continual running
All for a medal and a sticker
(Not to mention some awesome bragging rights!!!)
I did my very first Ragnar back in 2010 and instantly became addicted.  Actually Ragnar is what started my running obsession. 
Oh the memories!!!!
I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to do these races as well.  I did Las Vegas in 2011 & 2014, and So Cal in 2014 as well. :) And since I did "combinations" of races this year, I received Double Medals... 
So Cal + Las Vegas = DUECES WILD!!!!!
Wasatch Back + Las Vegas = Saints & Sinners!!!!!
Prior to this race I was really burnt out on running.  I didn't find joy in it anymore. :(  But something clicked in my brain while out on the course.  I do STILL love this!!  I love the feeling of accomplishment when you push through that feeling of being tired and overcome the doubts swarming around in your head.  I pushed myself again, I challenged myself, and I accomplished so much!!!!  I will be back at it tonight... (For a few reasons actually) Because I want to challenge myself, and I need to get some of this lactic acid out of my legs. 
( I feel like I got hit by a train today!!!)
All in all it was a great weekend spent with some amazing people.  I consider myself to be extremely lucky!!!!


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