Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let's kick things off....

Starting new, starting fresh... Usually you will see posts like this right around New Year's, but my determination to achieve fitness perfection has never been a once a year thing. It seems as if I am always dieting, always working out, always trying to make my body perfect. Always trying something new, something that is going to work this time. And in all honesty the only thing I have managed to stick with is my running. I absolutely love being out on the road, running shoes laced, Ipod blaring and the ability to be lost in my own thoughts. No matter the weather, wind, rain, blistering heat and even snow, I make sure to get out there. It is my therapy, my release, my drug.

My goal with this blog is to allow myself to track my progress from weekly to monthly. And if I happen to inspire others while in the process then that is great as well. So that said, starting Monday, December 19, 2011 I will be uploading weekly photos, measurements and weight. I will also be uploading daily workout regimens, and food logs. I will try to incorporate motivational quotes, healthy recipes (things I will be eating) and videos.

Can't wait to get started....

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